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Education and Awareness

RBHS VPVA aims to provide educational information about interpersonal violence (i.e. sexual violence, dating violence, stalking, and harassment), including what it looks like, how to respond when it occurs, and ways to prevent it.

In addition, VPVA creates programming to bring greater awareness to these issues, engage students in important conversations about violence, and promote the office to ensure students can access our services. We’re open to creating new workshops that are relevant to our students and faculty within each RBHS school and program. Let’s talk about the different pathways for you to get interact with VPVA.

1. Volunteer with Us

Are you interested in making a difference across campus? Join us as a General Volunteer or make a commitment to be a leader in the anti-violence movement as a VPVA Ambassador. Our volunteer ambassadors are crucial members of the VPVA team, supporting a safe environment free of harassment and violence. Take the lead in educating your peers, supporting our mission, and creating content that elevates conversations on healthy interactions. Learn more about volunteering HERE.


2. Be a Better Bystander

VPVA believes that every member of RBHS has a responsibility to create a safer culture based on responsibility and respect. VPVA offers training on how you can identify potentially risky situations and ways to challenge the moment or support those involved to prevent further harm. Learn more about Bystander Intervention HERE.


3. Join us for Annual Programming

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, where VPVA displays information regarding consent and resources throughout the month via tabling events, visual programming, and social media. Look out for The Empty Chair Campaign, Denim Day, and Turn the Campus Teal! Visit our page for info about SAAM 2023.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, where VPVA creates awareness and education programming that focuses on healthy relationships, the impact of violence, and how to support peers. Look for Survivor Love Letter, Silent Witness, Health Cares About DV, and Turn the Campus Purple! Visit our DVAM 2022 page to learn more.


4. Request a Training/Event

Reach out at vpva@rbhs.rutgers.edu for:

  • Requests or more information about training and prevention education;
  • Inquiries about awareness programming for your school or student organization;
  • Invitations for a VPVA representative to be a guest speaker.