File a Complaint

Complaints can be filed by the victim, a bystander/witness, or a required reporter. Required reporters are obligated to report information about prohibited behaviors. Required reporters include RBHS faculty, staff, and administrators. VPVA counselors, clergy, or mental health professionals are confidential resources and thus are NOT required reporters.

To file a complaint, please go to the Rutgers University Title IX Compliance & Reporting Form and fill in as much of the form as necessary.

In an emergency situation, dial 911 for immediate assistance. The Rutgers University Policy department will receive notification in the event that a local police department answers the call.

Complaints can be anonymous. There also is no time limit for reporting an incident, though the sooner the incident is reported, the sooner the RBHS Title IX Coordinator can begin the investigation.

Will there be an investigation?

An investigation depends on:

1. the information shared by reporting party; and
2. the preference of complainant/victim.

Confidentiality will be maintained to the greatest extent possible; with the understanding that we can only respond to the extent we have information. We encourage all witnesses and/or complainants of prohibited behavior to report what they know so that we can respond accordingly and identify any potential patterns of behavior.  We must always consider whether we are dealing with a repeat offender or other imminent threat to the community.

We must balance confidentiality with the safety of other members of the University community from:

  • repeat offenders; and
  • imminent threat of danger.