Student Accommodations

Requesting Services for a Documented Disability

Disabilities and Accommodations 101 playlist

Included in the playlist above are the following videos:

  • What is a Disability?
  • Types of Disabilities
  • Self-Advocacy and Confidentiality
  • Applying for Accommodations and Documentation
  • Accommodation Renewals
  • Types of Accommodations and Resources

RBHS ODS Student Handbook

RBHS ODS Student Handbook (formatted for printing)

Following are the steps you will need to take in order to request and receive services for your documented disability.


  1. If you have not previously done so, complete and submit the Registration Form at Upon completion of this form, you will receive a confirmation email of your submission. If you are applying for accommodations or services, please answer the questions as accurately and thoroughly as possible so that we may process your request in a timely manner. Upon completion of the form, a representative from ODS will typically contact you within 3 business days. If you have not heard from us after that time, please contact our office at 973-972-5396 or

    ODS Registration Form
    Please log in with your Rutgers NetID to proceed:
    Log in and Continue to Form

    If you do not yet have a Rutgers NetID, you may continue here:
    Continue to Form without NetID

  2. Schedule an intake interview: Upon receipt of a student’s completed registration form, a representative from RBHS ODS will contact the student to schedule an intake interview meeting.  This intake meeting may be conducted in person, by Skype, or by phone.  If student receives a receipt for their intake, but has not heard from the RBHS ODS within a week, please call the RBHS ODS office at 973-972-9356 to schedule an intake appointment. Also, if student does not receive a receipt for their intake, student should call the ODS office.
  3. Submit appropriate documentation: On or before your intake meeting (if possible), please submit appropriate documentation that meets ODS guidelines for your disability ( You may also download documentation guidelines here. Documentation may be submitted by any of the following methods:

    Uploading your documentation (

    (if this option is used, please email to let ODS know this step has been taken.)

    Sending an email to:
    Faxing to 973-972-7596 ATTN: ODS
    Bringing the documentation to your appointment

  4. Upon completion of your intake, ODS will consider any new  information along with your documentation to determine appropriate accommodations.  You will be informed when  a decision has been made, reflecting one of the following applications statuses:

    Reasonable Accommodation Request Approved

    More Information Needed

    Application Not Approved and Why

  5. Renew accommodations every semester

    Students who receive accommodations, except for Dental and Medical students, must renew accommodations every term. Dental and Medical students renew accommodations yearly. To receive your accommodations every semester:

    Request your Letter of Accommodations from your ODS coordinator by contacting the ODS/RBHS Office of Disability services: or call 973-972-5396.

    Meet with your professor (and/or School Coordinator as appropriate) privately to deliver your Letter of Accomodation (LOA), and to discuss your accommodations. Note: Students in the dental school will meet with their academic affairs office, rather than individual professors.

    If you are receiving the following accommodations, submit your request as soon as your registration is confirmed/completed :

  • Exam Accommodations
  • Note taking services
  • Alternative Course Materials
  • ASL/CART Services
  • Accessible Parking
  • Accessible Transportation Request Form
  • Certification for Parking
  • Additional Parking Request
  • Accessible Table/Chair Request
  • Assistive Technology