Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2024

April is nationally recognized as Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), a time when we ask everyone within the RBHS community to get involved by honoring and supporting survivors, speaking up against violence and harassment, and respecting boundaries in all relationships. This April, VPVA is hosting events encouraging all of RBHS to support a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment. Visit this page for updates, and follow our Instagram & Twitter @RBHS_VPVA.


Countdown to Denim Day








Turn The Campus Teal

Throughout April


Teal is nationally-recognized as the awareness color for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Turn The Campus Teal is a university-wide initiative encouraging members of the community to bring teal into the month to raise awareness of all forms of sexual violence. Participate by turning your social presence teal, sharing your favorite teal items, or turning your email signatures or Zoom backgrounds teal! Click the image below for access to our teal digital gifts.

Tabling Events

Join us for tabling events throughout the month. 

  • @Piscataway
    • April 3rd 12-1pm RWJMS Research Tower glass atrium
    • April 4th  5-6pm SPH building entrance
    • April 15th 12-1pm RWMS outside Woody’s Cafe 
    • April 23rd WWYW Display RWJMS outside Woody’s Cafe
  • @Newark
    • April 8th 12-1pm NJMS Medical Science Building
    • April 9th 12-1pm RSDM near Student Lounge
    • April 22nd WWYW Display NJMS near Lecture Halls
    • April 22nd 3-4pm SHP Bergen Building


Turn Up in Teal

Wednesday, April 10th


Wear & share your teal! We want everyone from the RBHS community to show their support by wearing teal or highlighting their favorite teal items and sharing their photos with us on 4/10. Join us at one of our photobooths on the day to snap a shot in teal! Stop by one of our tabling events before to pick up one of our teal VPVA shirts and/or rock the color and tag us @rbhs_vpva using our hashtags #RBHSSAAM  #RBHSTeal. Want to participate without a social media account? Submit photos here!

Survivor Love Letter

Mailboxes on Campus All Month
Virtual Submissions April 15th-19th


Join us for our Survivor Love Letter initiative, where our community can write supportive messages and design artwork on cards for those who have experienced sexual violence. Look for the mailboxes around campus or submit virtually on our IG @rbhs_vpva your messages that will show survivors on campus that they are supported, believed, and loved. Keep an eye on our social media at the end of the month to see your 2024 Survivor Love Letters.

What Were You Wearing?

Story Submissions March 25th-April 8th
Exhibit April 22nd-26th


Check out our “What Were You Wearing” exhibit, which allows survivors of sexual violence to share their stories and dispel myths that perpetuate cultures of violence. This exhibit challenges one of the most asked questions that, intentionally or unintentionally, puts the responsibility for assault on those who experience harm rather than those who commit harm.

We invite members of our community to share their stories of what they were wearing at the time of their experience to shed light on what the reality of survivors really looks like. Walk through our exhibit across from Woody’s Cafe in Piscataway (RWJMS) and near the lecture halls of MSB (NJMS). 


April 17th, Piscataway April 25th Newark


Join us for an exciting new event, Survivors, Art, And Medicine (SAAM) for Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)! This event is a safe space for survivors to heal in community through art and mindfulness. Art supplies and poetry prompts will be provided to draw, collage, or write one’s story, along with an optional sharing time at the end. Respond to our “poetry cloud” prompt in no more than 3 words and watch a communal poem grow in real time! Sessions will be held in Piscataway on April 17th and Newark on April 25th. Register here!


Denim Day

Wednesday, April 24th


CALLING ALL FACULTY AND STAFF! In celebration of Denim Day, we are asking our campus community members to wear jeans with a purpose, support survivors, and educate themselves and others about all forms of sexual violence! Denim Day is a worldwide call to action to protest violence and victim-blaming attitudes. Rock your denim, or join us at one of our tabling dates to get a Denim Day button to wear for the occasion!  And remember to share your photos of your denim efforts on 4/24 through the submission form or social media @rbhs_vpva! 

Be A Better Bystander Workshop: Supporting Survivor Stories

April 29th, 12pm


Join our special virtual workshop from our Be a Better Bystander Series, which focuses on listening to disclosures of sexual violence and providing support. Students will discuss concepts of how to build a safe space for sharing, show empathy, provide resources, and empower survivors both personally and professionally. To register, click here.